Is Your Business Visible Enough On The Web?

Prospecting with email marketing

How many times a day do you use a search engine? If you took the time to add them all up, the answer might surprise you. Let’s face it: search engines have become such an integral part of our lives that “Google” is now a verb found in many dictionaries. Research shows that 93% of all internet experiences now begin with a search engine, and searches and email still remain the top two internet functions. However, consider the fact that 75% of search engine users never look beyond the first page of search results. Are you doing enough to make sure you’re on the first page?

If you own a business or website that relies on web traffic, you need your site to be found through search engines. However, with over 27 million pieces of online content shared each day, how can you ensure that your business or web site remains at the top of search engine results? The answer is simple: search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engine optimization is a type of social media marketing that ensures a website can be found by search engines and be placed high among search results. Keep reading to find out how your business can increase visibility with SEO.

SEO marketing companies are rated as the most effective online marketing solution today, with 34% of marketers calling it ?very effective.? In fact, 92% of marketers polled in a recent survey reported that SEO marketing companies are either “somewhat” or “very” effective in generating more website hits through search results.

SEO services can also help boost local search optimization – that means ensuring that local customers are given search results that are localized to their area. If you want to target a specific area through your online marketing, then local SEO marketing companies are a sure bet. Just consider the fact that 70% of social media users in North America are connected through social media to at least one local business. Local SEO services can help boost local traffic to your site. There are at least 645 million page views each week of local business websites in the U.S. alone. Is your site visible enough to local customers?

SEO marketing companies can provide your online business with the boost it needs. Don’t get stuck on the back pages – invest in a search engine optimization strategy today.

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