Four Reasons to Go Virtual When Hiring a Receptionist

Doctors answering service

For businesses, few matters are as important as exemplary customer service. Failure to provide quality customer service can lead to massive revenue loss, evidenced by one survey where 78% of respondents said they have abandoned a planned purchase due to poor customer service, while an estimated 45% of online shoppers will change their mind about a purchase if they are unable to quickly receive answers to questions and concerns. The demanded level of service must also be met on the phone, leading to the creation of the virtual telephone answering service, which provides round the clock customer service for businesses all around the country. Here are four reasons why these are a beneficial investment for businesses.

  1. No More Missed Calls: Of course, the internet is a valuable tool for purchase, but an estimated 61% of consumers still report that prefer to have customer service matters handled over the phone. This translates to big problems in the case of a business without the manpower to staff multiple phone lines all hours of the day and night. This is where a 24 hour answering service comes in, answering the phone in a professional manner when employees are either busy or the business is closed.
  2. Professionalism: First impressions matter, and if a customer’s first interaction with a business is a harried employee saying “Can I help you?” while breathing hard as a result of the run for the phone, that customer’s first impression will do that business no favors. A virtual telephone answering service eliminates that possibility.
  3. Time Saver: No matter how much the customer is valued by a business, especially a small business with limited manpower, there are certain routine questions received on the phone that eat up the precious time of on-site staff. A quality answering service can answer those basic questions, meeting the customers needs and giving them a positive experience, while the business the are representing is free to dedicate personnel to other endeavors.
  4. Cost Effective: Naturally, virtual receptionist services are not free. However, hiring a receptionist is far more costly, what with their hourly wage, plus the time and energy that must be placed in their training. With a professional answering service, you bypass training and pay far less than the hourly wage.

Nothing will guarantee the success of a business, and if such a thing did exist it certainly would not be affordable. However with a virtual telephone answering service, a business is one step closer.

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