Today’s Successful Marketing Combines Digital and Print Approaches

Business card printing

Getting the word out about your business, no matter what size it is, can be a challenge in this digital age.
The fact that flyers printed on reams of printing paper is not the only way to tell current and potential customers about an upcoming event of sale can be both a blessing and a curse. If you are a business that understands the power of social media and website marketing than you are fortunate. If, however, you are still struggling to find a way to make sure that the message that you distribute on reams of printing paper do not blow away in the wind, however, you may need help staying competitive.
Research indicates that the best marketing today is a com

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Want to Ensure Great Customer Service?

Customer service

Hotels, hostels, and Bed and Breakfasts (BandB) run on ensuring their customers receive great customer service. For those that ultimately decide to stay at your property, their experience will decide whether or not they return in the future, or, furthermore, whether or not their friends and acquaintances will similarly visit in the time to come. The ease of experience — comfort, accessibility, convenience — are the primary factors deciding how a customer’s feelings upon leaving your property. When these experiences are negative, customers are unlikely to leave with a positive outlook on your business, and the data goes to show:

  • CEB research shows that 96% of customers that have to exert a “high” amount of effort when fixing a problem with a company are likely to be unfaithful
  • 86
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Why Technology Companies Are the Future

It outsourcing tampa

Over the past twenty years, technology has improved at an absolutely tremendous rate. We have now managed to reach a point where technology is used almost every single day in people’s lives as they go to work, communicate with loved ones, or even just have fun surfing the web. While there is a lot of good that comes from technology, it is important to note that there are some dangers that lie ahead.

Businesses across the nation and even across the globe need to get help from a managed service provider. These types of technology companies are hired to help businesses deal with the technological end of their businesses. This can include blogging, website security, data storage security, and many other actions involving technology and businesses. Here are all of the facts on hiring a managed service pr

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Would Your Business Benefit From Sentiment Analysis Software?

Structured text

There is a considerable amount of data that is generated every day. According to estimates by the International Data Corporation (IDC), less than one percent of this data is actually analyzed. Furthermore, the IDC indicates that an incredible amount of data has been created over the past few years. As a result, they state that by 2020, the digital universe will consist of more than 40 ZB. This translates as roughly 1.7 MB of new data being created by every person every second.

Since just one percent of data has been analyzed, the IDC recommends text mining to address the remaining 99%. Text mining software can assist businesses in three significant ways:

  • By providing more accurate insights across a broader spectrum of documents and sources
  • By providing accurate risk, compliance, and th
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Learn More About Entity Resolution Software

Text categorization

Having a lot of data can be pretty hard to deal with on its own. Many companies find that they have so much text and data that going through it all can be overwhelming and not the most streamlined process. That is where entity resolution software comes in handy.

The first question that many people ask is what is entity resolution software? Any company or organization that deals at all with big data can use this. Basically, it sifts though all of the complicated data sets that have already been collected and organizes it. It is then neatly compiled into a way where it can be more easily used and understood. This is how many large and small companies are able to make connections with their data and then use that to work through their business plan in a more thoughtful and strategic manner.

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Are You Concerned About Compliance Issues? Contact an IT Consulting Service for a Security Audit

Managed it services charleston sc

Have you been searching for IT consulting services to assist you with IT compliance and/or related issues?As you’re likely aware, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and other organizations concerned with compliance issues have all issued mandates. These mandates are in place in order to ensure that businesses protect, track, and control access to sensitive information.

In 2012 alone, a survey showed that roughly 87% of small businesses experienced some type of security breach. When compliance breaches occur, this is usually accompanied by a significant fine. When a breach occurs with less than 500 records, for example, HIPPA may fine a business $50,000. It’s important to note that weak administrative passwords often lead to these breaches. Recent data shows that this has been the case with 80% of all

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Content Writing How to Increase Web Conversions

Seo tools

Content creation is a key aspect of increasing website visitors. Whether you work for an SEO service company or write your own content, it’s important to understand what SEO tools can be used to increase website visits and keyword rankings. The article is going to take a look at some of the ways you can improve SEO content writing.

One of the many effective SEO tips is to include a keyword in the content title. While witty, catchy titles are effective, titles that include keywords immensely benefit website traffic. Search engines often give heavier weight to the t

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The Holiday Shopping Frenzy Has Begun

Marketing email

How do you determine where you do your Christmas shopping? Are you someone who has a few stores that you always visit? Are you committed to a brick and mortar location and support them no matter what? Or, are you like a growing number of Americans who buy the majority of their items online? Are you the kind of shopper who wakes up in the morning, checks email, and starts clicking?
Clicking on the early announcement of the Black Friday technology deals, hoping to find a discounted pair of the over the ear wireless headphones that your college aged daughter wants for Christmas.
Clicking on the image in the email that promotes a special eye shadow palette for the upcoming holidays.
Clicking on the 30% off sale for your favorite clothing store, hoping to find a New Year’s Eve party outfit.


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Nearly 2 MB Of New Information Is Created Every Second Of Every Day How Can Businesses Keep Up?

Unstructured data

Relevant information is always available. It’s simply how you find it in the first place.

With the Internet more powerful than it’s ever been it’s imperative you make sure nothing flies under your radar. Customizeable extraction software is a tool your business should use to pierce the seemingly mysterious veil of endless information and get the data it needs to move forward with confidence. Big data analysis is a huge field and one that only gets bigger by the day. Entity extraction tools, their functions and their financial benefits will be explored below so you can proceed throughout the year with your eyes on the prize.

Did You Know?

We can only comprehend so much. With the Internet swarming with new content on a daily basis, you need to

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Prevent IT Equipment Malfunction With Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Data cabinets

Data is central to business and other types of enterprises. As a result, it’s essential to keep this data protected. While many businesses and enterprises may be moving some of their infrastructure to the cloud, others continue to rely on and benefit from the existence of data centers.

Data centers need to be maintained at a specific temperature for IT equipment to function optimally. A recent report showed that more than 65% of IT equipment failures were due to the adverse conditions within server rooms. More specifically, these rooms had inadequate, poorly maintained, and/or failed air conditioning systems.

When considering the importance of air conditioning for data centers, it’s important to note that a single data center has a much greater power density than a large commercial office building o

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