Nearly 2 MB Of New Information Is Created Every Second Of Every Day How Can Businesses Keep Up?

Unstructured data

Relevant information is always available. It’s simply how you find it in the first place.

With the Internet more powerful than it’s ever been it’s imperative you make sure nothing flies under your radar. Customizeable extraction software is a tool your business should use to pierce the seemingly mysterious veil of endless information and get the data it needs to move forward with confidence. Big data analysis is a huge field and one that only gets bigger by the day. Entity extraction tools, their functions and their financial benefits will be explored below so you can proceed throughout the year with your eyes on the prize.

Did You Know?

We can only comprehend so much. With the Internet swarming with new content on a daily basis, you need to

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Prevent IT Equipment Malfunction With Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Data cabinets

Data is central to business and other types of enterprises. As a result, it’s essential to keep this data protected. While many businesses and enterprises may be moving some of their infrastructure to the cloud, others continue to rely on and benefit from the existence of data centers.

Data centers need to be maintained at a specific temperature for IT equipment to function optimally. A recent report showed that more than 65% of IT equipment failures were due to the adverse conditions within server rooms. More specifically, these rooms had inadequate, poorly maintained, and/or failed air conditioning systems.

When considering the importance of air conditioning for data centers, it’s important to note that a single data center has a much greater power density than a large commercial office building o

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Recent Cyber Attacks Emphasize The Importance Of Cybersecurity

Project management

Strings of high profile cyber attacks have tightened focus on cybersecurity. A recent hack into financial firm Deloitte affected about 350 clients, according to a report by The Guardian. Among these clients were four United States government departments, the United Nations, and other large corporate entities.

The Guardian, who received information from anonymous sources with knowledge of the breach, reports that Deloitte is unable to confirm what data was exposed during the breach, raising concern for the security of consumer technologies.

And how did the attack happen?

According to The Guardian, the hackers gained access to an admin

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Three Things That Make Running A Bed And Breakfast Easier

Trends in hospitality technology

Running a bed and breakfast can be a bigger challenge than most people might think — but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. There are plenty of ways through which you can make your bed and breakfast more accessible, and therefore more successful in the long term. Some have more to do with look, location, and overall experience — which of course shouldn’t be neglected. Others are more technical — having the right kind of bed and breakfast reservation software, for example, can make your bed and breakfast much easier for employees and guests alike to use. It’s important for bed and breakfast owners to stay on top of hospitality technology trends, as well as the best hotel ma

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Increase Your Business and Maintain Guest Loyalty With the Best Hotel Management Software

Concierge service

Does your hotel provide a positive customer experience? If so, then you probably have a modern hotel management system software and are following hotel technology 2017 trends. There are a variety of hotel management systems available that can assist you with providing a positive guest experience. From the time your guests search their mobile devices for available rooms to the time they leave your hotel after their vacation, you want to ensure that they had an excellent experience.

Prior to booking their hotel reservation, were you aware that travelers will conduct about 17 research sessions? And they’ll usually use their mobile devices, too. About 53% of travelers begin searching for th

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Is Your Small or Large Business Looking for a New IT Service Provider?

Managed service provider

Technology companies around the world offer a variety of IT services, so it is often difficult to make sure that you are working with the best IT provider. Managed IT services provide document support as well as data storage options. In a world that is increasingly dependent on technology, it should come as no surprise that IT services are an important part of every business’ budget and long term plans.

IT consulting firms help companies maintain the services that they need to make sure that their customers are satisfied. From the dat

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Are Your Students Ready for the Technological Future That Awaits Them?

Usb cables

The technology team for a midwest school district was recently featured in a magazine about how technology affects the educational menu offered to today’s students. The fact that this particular school district has now deployed an entire set of laptops to all of the high school students in the district means that this district has taken a big step toward getting the students of this one community ready for a future career that is dependent upon technology.
From lightning cables to USP cables to surge protectors for computers, this technology team for one of the largest districts in the state plays an important role in both today’s classroom and tomorrow’s future. Deploying laptops to an entire school’s student population is a challenge, but it is also the first step toward getting rid of heavy classroom textboo

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Three Jobs That Will No Longer Exist In The Future

Solutions architects

For businesses looking for the most qualified persons available to fill a position, a recruiting firm can be a godsend. After all, a recruiting firm understands the job market and has the time and networking capabilities at their fingertips to find the best employees they can that will fit a company’s culture as well as its needs whether they be in telecommunications, development program packaging, thermoplastics, or VP sales.

However, in addition to being able to find the right employees for the businesses that outsource them, a recruiting firm must be able to keep up with what positions may no longer be available in the future. As new technology is introduced

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Choosing the Right Company for Prototype PCB Assembly Services

Pcb quotes

If you are someone who is engaged with developing and creating electronic circuits for use in appliances are other applications, it is likely that you already know the important role that printed circuit boards play in this endeavor. PCBs or printed circuit boards are the common choice of working platform for circuit designers all over the world, and for good reason. This is a method that allows for easy replication of electronic circuits, and it makes it a lot easier for circuit designers to test out different circuit designs and put things together for testing. Fast PCB prototype and circuit board assembly services are sought after by many specialists food design electronic circuits, and i

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These 5 Things Make Your Website Credible

Medical seo services miami

If you are wondering why your website is not getting the kind of traffic you hoped it would get, you might need to look at whether or not you have the right pieces in place. You can go to a digital marketing agency and tell them your troubles, but they will most likely tell you that unless you have these five things in place, your website will likely never be credible.

1.) Author

Anytime you have a written piece or a photograph posted to your website, people want to know who wrote it or who took the picture. Many times, businesses will have guest bloggers or repost something from another source. When you properly credit the work that is displayed on your website, you boost your reliability and credibility.

2.) Date

Just like the importance of crediting the authors of your posts and pictures,

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