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Search Engine Optimization is difficult and time consuming. It takes consistent work, cutting edge information, and special knowledge of obscure optimization techniques. Who can you trust out there in this world wide web of cheats and backstabbers? Look no further, for Julius Wintermute is on the case! Julius began his illustrious career in the Web Arts in 1989, when he joined a crew of Master Websmiths with one mission: To invent a way for people to physically enter the internet. This technology would allow people to stroll through realtime 3D virtual realities where anything would be possible! Unfortunately, at the last possible split second before they threw the switch and changed the world forever, a fissure in the earth opened up below their office and tore the machine to pieces. Their lead programmer was lost in the cataclysm, plunged into the earth’s core for eternity.

Wintermute saw this as an act of god and decided to pursue less disruptive technologies in the future. His twin pet lizards Gemini and Aquarius agree with this decision. He now resides in the relatively safe and less hubristic world of SEO. He hopes you’ll browse this site for the latest information on all of your SEO needs. The tips and tricks contained herein will help you reach the forefront of results on all major search engines. Take life by the reins!


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