Protection and Security for the New Digital Age

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The internet has done a lot of good for the developing world. Easy access to information and friends benefits all people, from young to old. The years of niche digital use are long behind, when the digital world was a mysterious place only accessible to a small enclave of people. The digital explosion of internet portals and terminals has helped in so many ways but there is always a price to be had for progress. The cost over global cyber crime in a single year is estimated somewhere near $100 billion dollars. That’s not cheap and it isn’t just corporations suffering from the attack. The average citizen, in the U.S. and in countries around the world, is at a growing risk from these seemingly untraceable criminals. It can be difficult and scary to face such a problem and for good reason. But is precisely because of that that all those whose identities reside online (almost everyone)should take the necessary precautions. Information technology can seem arcane, some sort of mechanical wizardry that’s impossible to understand. With the right preparation and education, it can become easy to understand. It all starts with the fundamentals.
Basic Safety
Network design isn’t perfect. That’s what makes periodic network repair so important. The structure of email wasn’t designed with maximum safety in mind. The past few years have seen criminals taking advantage of this, causing a slew of now infamous email scandals. The same goes for online banking, an otherwise convenient practice that’s used by 61% of the web population but is often easily exposed to savvy criminals. Be sure to get all computers checked on the regular by it support and computer or network repair services. They can help install new virus protection software and other critical security components. This isn’t just recommended for private users, either. Up to 47% of small businesses frequently fail to back-up data, occasionally leading to exposed, lost or stolen information. An estimated 53% of U.S. companies have shown serious concern over their ability to plug security leaks in their networks over the coming year. This is a large scale problem but most holes in public or private networks, all of which are typically connected to the network, can be patched up systems engineers if caught in time. It’s all a matter of early detection.
Going Forward
Any sufficiently new technology is going to come with holes and flaws. Digital technology, no matter how revolutionary it continues to seem, is young. The Cenzic Application Security Trends Report has reported 96% of tested applications have security flaws of some sort. The idea of a worldwide electronic network is still constantly being tested and there are people who are going to take advantage of that. That’s always going to be true and the problem is by no means contained to the United States. Some estimates say that there online criminals in anywhere up to 200 digitally connected countries. With a global network comes global problems. That’s precisely why it is important for the consumer to be savvy and keep their network repair specialists and computer services companies close. Communication is key to keeping online identities safe and the people behind those identities safer.

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