When Do You Need to Call Post Tension Cable Repair Companies – Skyline Newspaper

Video “What’s the fix for damaged post-tension slab cable?” provides the information you need about fixing the issue. Find out how!
There are many homes in the USA that have foundations made of post-tension cables. Many are probably wondering what to do if one of them breaks. Two hosts are responding to a woman who found a gap in her foundation , and that one cable was off. She wondered if this could be a major issue or if it is something she can overlook the issue. So, does she have to fix the issue?
The first step is to have a post-tension repair company will easily re-cable that component of your foundation. There’s a place inside your foundation that may be used to create another. This is similar to placing the wire through conduit. It’s very simple. In reality, it’s not needed. Some people may have broken post-tension cables, but there’s nothing that seems to be wrong. Engineers created the cables in a way that they are able to be broken but not cause damage to the structure.
The rest of the video for more information about Post tension cable repair businesses. ybl74h918z.

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