How Indoor Air Quality Effects Your Health – Life Cover Guide

d in air sacs commonly referred to as alveoli. Small blood vessels, called capillaries, surround the alveoli.

As the air you breathe travels from your trachea all until your capillaries and capillaries, oxygen is transferred to the bloodstream. If the air has hazardous substances, they also enter your bloodstream.

Inhaled pollen and chemicals can be a cause of serious health issues, including from tobacco smoke, car emissions and pollen. They can cause injury to your alveoli when they enter the walls. It could lead to issues with your health, such as lung disease (stroke, lung disease, etc.) and even heart attacks.

Because the air you breath has such an enormous effect on your health it is essential to put in efforts to improve your house’s air quality. To avoid things that emit harmful chemicals, let windows open while cooking and use an exhaust air fan, or open a window to let air in. Also, you should dust your house regularly.


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