Whats the Difference Between Prejudice and Racism? – Continuing Education Schools

The situation. Even though we hear often the word “racial prejudice, these two words have distinct meanings and connotations. While both are dangerous errors that should be avoided they don’t necessarily mean identical things. This video offers a comprehensive explanation of the differences between racism and prejudice.

As a rule, prejudice may be applicable to everyone. Any kind of race, age or gender, anyone can have prejudice towards other people. This is due to deep-seeded bias and subconscious interactions in our brain being acted upon in our daily lives. While prejudice may be experienced by anyone, racism is not. Racism can be described as a mixture of power and prejudice. In the past, since whites hold more influence within the land-owning and government sectors as well as general industry it is not possible to feel discrimination against them, but only prejudice. The reality is that all forms of racism does not have to be a sign of an expression of racism. It is only oppressed minorities who be impacted by racism.


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