How to Install Epoxy Flooring – Vacuum Storage

In this video , you’ll learn how epoxy flooring is applied.

Before epoxy is laid, it is necessary to prep the floor. To eliminate imperfections and sealer then concrete has to be ground down. It is then a matter of putting sand over the ground to help with the process.

The epoxy is mixed. Most store-bought epoxies are 50% water , which is that half will evaporate. This means that they’re using 100 100% of solid epoxy. This makes the epoxy thicker. After the epoxy has dried the epoxy is spread out on the floor of your garage. After this, the chip is scattered so that they are also covering the entire surface. These vinyl chips come in so many different shades, shapes and sizes. The flooring is customizable according to your preferences. You should sweep any excess flooring and dispose of it away. The floor must be smooth.

In the final step, the top coat is applied using polyaspartic urethane. For sealing the work, this coating is applied to the layer of vinyl. Now the video is complete.


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