What’s a Virtual Concierge and How Does it Work?

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The concierge service has always been an important part of any experience with a fine hotel. Modern hotels have been realizing the incredible benefits of property management systems that automate concierge service, as does other software with other aspects of customer service, employee retention, and hospitality. The outsourced concierge service is a relative newcomer to the hospitality software industry, but the idea isn’t new. Hotels have long been outsourcing different aspects of management, and concierge service.

How Does it Work?

The virtual concierge service provides all the same benefits as non-virtual, but through a digital application. Guests can interact with the concierge service through an app, a website, or through instant messaging services. The virtual concierge service is capable of booking reservations and taking orders and can make suggestions based on guest profiles and preferences. It also keeps seamless track of all these issues so the hotel can log in and always know what’s going on.

How Does it Benefit Hotels?

A virtual concierge service can collate, analyze, report on, and manage enormous amounts of data. This type of hotel management software can save a company the cost of hiring several concierge professionals, and get the same service. It also automatically keeps track of all guest data, which not only enhances guests’ immediate stays but allows the proactive meeting of their needs for future stays.

How Does the Virtual Concierge Interact With Other Hotel Staff?

Seamlessly. A human concierge might receive a request outside their scope of work, such as a request for fresh towels. They would then have to physically call the staff responsible for these issues and either hope it is taken care of or make another call later to follow up. A virtual concierge service allows all this to be automated, as all staff can operate with one system.

Are There Any Benefits to the Guests?

It might seem that the benefits of this software are all for the hotel, but actually, it can be very good for guests, as well. One of the biggest benefits is the ability of the software to act instantly. Nothing needs to be looked up, and virtual concierge services are capable of keeping track of the latest changes or alerts concerning local dining, tourist attractions, or shopping destinations in real time. Most quality virtual concierges are capable of answering questions put in real human terms, such as “where can I go for a two-mile run?” or “Which steakhouse do you recommend?”

Any hotel considering outsourcing concierge services should first look into the possibility of virtual services. These powerful software programs can save money, save the time and effort of other employees, and give guests a great customer service experience.

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