Managed IT Services Are an Important Budget Items for Many Companies

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Network monitoring allows an outside source to help clients oversee a system and watch for signs that a problem may be developing. In a time when so much of a company’s data is online, it is important that a secure and reliable network monitoring system is in place.
One of the challenges is that you basically have to have a one to one NAT or a local collector to collect information and route it to the network monitoring system. One to one NAT is a problem because you use a lot of external IP addresses. And that is problematic because most places still require IPv4 space and that is limited. If everyone was IPv6 enabled the NAT environment would not as big of an issue.
There are also security with NATing that have a collector can help mitigate. IT solutions are an increasingly important part of many industries. Beyond the obvious banking industry, school districts, hospitals, retail stores, and nearly every other business and non profit has to have some kind of back up and network platform in place. As a result, a growing number of companies offer these services for a flat monthly fee.
Technology Companies and Other Managed IT Services Providers Are Significant Parts of Many Companies
Whether you are a church keeping track of online donations and weekly offerings or you are a large corporation, you likely have at least part of your data managed by an outside IT provider. Consider some of these statistics about the services that many clients are looking for and the role that IT plays in the nation’s economy:

  • 66% of large companies in the U.S. permit occasional telecommuting. This percentage is nearly double the number from 2005, according to a 2013 study.
  • Large companies typically offer the greatest chance to work remotely. In fact, 69% allow remote work stations while only 31% keep their employees all in house.
  • 55% of medium companies allowed work to be done remotely, while 45% did not.
  • In small companies, 62% offer employees the opportunity to work remotely, while 38% did not.
  • 67% of workers given the option to work at home indicate that they feel remote work improved their productivity; 26% where neutral; and 7% felt less productive when they worked from home.
  • 47% of enterprises lost data in the cloud and reported that they had to restore their information from backups.

Network monitoring is growing increasingly important as more and more companies offer their employees the option of working from home.

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