Ways a Pharmacy POS System Can Help You

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If you own any kind of business, technology is a big part of your life. Whether you have a large multi-state or national company or small stand alone store, it can either be used to make your life easier or much harder. The best pharmacy point of sale systems (POS) can really help smaller pharmacies compete with the larger chains. Pharmacy POS systems can be used to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and confidence.

Ways Great Pharmacy POS Systems Help Your Business:

  • Keep track of your inventory. Pharmacy POS systems can help you keep track of what you have in stock and help you order more of popular items before you run out. This is a good way to help you keep your costs down. This will also give you a sense of the things that interest your customer base. You can analyze what you sell and do not and arrange your store to maximize sales. You do not have to stock every item under the sun to provide your customers with a great experience.
    Help you stock what your customers want to buy. Many stores use pharmacy POS systems to keep very close track of what items sell better than others. They can even show and plot out when those products sell more. This will keep you from stocking your store with items your customer base just does not want. This can also help you by making sure you have the right item in stock but you can also use sales and other promotions more effectively.
    Start or improve your loyalty programs. Think these programs are only available for chains and larger stores? Think again! Pharmacy POS systems can allow you to set up programs that make sure your customers know how much you appreciate their loyalty, which does make a difference. You can offer your customers points or discounts on popular items.
    They help businesses keep track of their customer data. With decent pharmacy POS systems, you can create a database of your customer information. This includes their signature so you can compare it when they come in. Being able to record and keep their data will speed up each transaction and make less work for your staff. Unlike the super market, there are other facrors to consider such as the insurance information and prescription information.
    They will help improve safety for your customers. Many people take more than one prescription medication. Some estimate that at least 10% of all hospitalizations are caused by using a medication in the wrong way. Pharmacy POS systems can help you better counsel people about how to take their medications and how much they should take. These systems also help you keep track of what each person is taking. Many people, especially senior citizens, take a multiple medications. They may not tell all of their doctors what they are taking. Therefore it is left to the pharmacist to prevent potentially dangerous drug interactions.
  • Go mobile with pharmacy POS systems. Using mobile devices is a great solution for pharmacies with delivery or drive through options for their customers but the applications go far beyond these uses. These can be used to increase the number of cash registers you have at any one time. For example, if a lot of your customers come in at a certain time and day, you can have staff on hand to ring up their purchases easier using tablets rather than relying on a few registers.

A lot of people like the convenience of a large, chain pharmacy but miss the personal touch of a mom and pop store. With the right pharmacy pos system, you can increase the convenience level offered by your store and even improve the customer service you can offer the people in your community. You can provide many of the same services such as loyalty programs and product variety that larger stores have while not losing touch with what your customers like about doing business with you and your staff.

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