Understanding Diversity in the Workplace – Freelance Weekly

A key aspect is the issue of diversity at work. If you’re uncertain of what that actually means and how it is portrayed and what it means, this video is for you. The video will educate you what equity is, how inclusion works and diversity. The video also shows you how to implement them in your business.

It is crucial to understand the concept of diversity. It refers to the shared experiences of all individuals in a business or group. Diversity isn’t about the diversity of people who belong to either gender or race. It is the ability to accept the other. It is not a requirement to assume one’s worth. Equally, equity and equality aren’t the same, and are quite opposite. While equity recognizes differences and takes decisions on them and equality strives to make equality all-inclusive. The cases above show that individuals differ in their ways, which is the reason why equality seeks to increase work environments that are diverse. vxddhoq9fg.

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