Free Encyclopedia Online Understanding Spina Bifida – Free Encyclopedia Online

In this video you’ll learn about the causes, symptoms and therapies for spina boffinida to help you fully understand it. Since this condition appears, it is Latin for “split in two”. It can occur in pregnant women when the neural tube that eventually forms the spinal cord is not properly closing.

There are different kinds of this disorder with different degrees of severity. When it gets severe those suffering from the condition may experience seizures, paralysis, or forms of the body. The most prevalent kind of this condition is the most mild and tends to remain hidden. The people who suffer from this condition won’t necessarily experience any symptoms. The exact causes are not known, but there are risks associated with the deficiency of specific nutrients. A prenatal diagnosis is the preferred way of diagnosing the condition. Blood tests and ultrasounds might be conducted. Prenatal and postnatal surgery may be feasible if detected early enough. However, additional procedures may be needed.

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