Three Jobs That Will No Longer Exist In The Future

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For businesses looking for the most qualified persons available to fill a position, a recruiting firm can be a godsend. After all, a recruiting firm understands the job market and has the time and networking capabilities at their fingertips to find the best employees they can that will fit a company’s culture as well as its needs whether they be in telecommunications, development program packaging, thermoplastics, or VP sales.

However, in addition to being able to find the right employees for the businesses that outsource them, a recruiting firm must be able to keep up with what positions may no longer be available in the future. As new technology is introduced into various industries including the manufacturing industry and Logistics industry, there are a number of jobs which are predicted to be no longer necessary for humans to work.

  1. Assembly line workers

    Automated robotic technology has already cost the manufacturing industry millions of jobs over the past decade. However, this is also a beneficial change as those who re-enter the manufacturing industry are now higher educated as they get college degrees to work in the job positions that are higher paying. The average American production worker makes around $11.95 an hour and so these higher paying jobs will help them increase their livelihoods.
  2. Travel agents

    Travel agents are gradually being replaced with travel websites as online users can make their own travel plans and book their own hotels online. Travel websites additionally do most of the work that travel agents already currently do but at the speed of current technology.
  3. Taxi drivers

    With the spread of transportation companies like Lyft and Uber that allow for the everyday person to work as taxi drivers at any given time at a lower price, taxi drivers may very well be seeing the end of their careers. Clients can simply request rides in a mobile app and, because the person supplying the vehicle is nearby, the speed at which the “taxi” arrives is far faster than the average taxi transportation service.

There will always be a need for people to work specific jobs; humans are capable of incredible creativity and achievement. However, robotics can very easily replace the jobs that are simple and repetitive. Therefore, in order to stay ahead of the job market, it’s crucial for recruiting firms to know and understand the potential future for those they will be employing.

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