The Importance of Backing Up Your Digital Information

G suite for education backup

Google has transformed from a strange little search engine, to the most popular search engine, to one of the most powerful advertising companies in the world, to basically ruler of the universe.

In 2015, Google was ranked first among the most visited multi-platform web properties in the U.S. with 247 million unique visitors and a leading U.S. market share of 63.9%.

Because your life probably has so much invested in Google, you should probably seriously consider backing up everything.

You might not even realize it, but you use Google more than you could ever imagine. Gone are the days when the only time we would see that colorful logo is when we want to find answers to some of life’s toughest questions, find products, or determine whether or not Happy Days lasted nine years to 10. Nowadays, Google is much more prevalent in our digital lives.

If you still think you’re only using Google for searching things, there are a few things that you might be forgetting.

Are you still using a physical calendar? Probably not. Maybe you have one above your fridge or near your desk for aesthetic purposes, but for the most part, the digital calendar is king. And Google’s calendar is one of the most popular apps. Make sure you’re aware that Google apps backup is an absolute necessity unless you want to lose all your upcoming plans in your Google calendar.

How about photos? No one wants to have thousands of photos taking up space and data on their phone. But Google Photos lets you keep all those photos on your phone and other platforms, without wasting all that memory. If you aren’t consistently performing a Google apps backup, however, you’re going to end up losing all your photos as well.

Still not convinced you’re using Google more than just for search?
How about the second-most popular Internet activity — email. What do you think the G in Gmail is for?

Backup Gmail emails! Backup Google apps! Backup Google drive!

This life is difficult enough without losing all your sensitive information. Make sure you utilize Google apps backup services and keep your entire digital world safe and secure.
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