The 5 Most Important Skills for Software Developers to Have

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Tech industry positions hold a lot of appeal in today’s world, so it’s not surprising that you might be interested in becoming a software developer. Since this field can be highly competitive, those who are pursuing a career in the tech industry — whether you’re in telecommunications or cybersecurity — want and need to set themselves apart from the rest in order to appeal to potential employers. Developers face specific challenges and need to exhibit certain skills in order to be engaging candidates and find success within the industry. With that in mind, here are 5 of the most important skills software developers need to possess:

  1. Technical knowledge
    Obviously, the most important characteristic for software developers is real technical knowledge. Without that, you’ll be of no interest to employers. Developers need to understand computer-related issues, know how to build and refactor quality code, and test components to eliminate bugs. If you’re working with a recruiting firm to find your next position, you’ll clearly want to highlight this knowledge and experience.
  2. Problem solving
    Essentially, the need for software is based on problems, so software developers need to know how to fix them. Not only should developers have the knowledge to solve problems, but they should also seek problems out and welcome them. They’re what helps you become better at your job. Creating and fixing code is all about problem solving, so if that’s not something within your skill set or isn’t something you enjoy, you may want to reconsider your career direction.
  3. Passion
    With passion, you can develop your coding from a science into an art. But if you aren’t interested in coding or the other parts of a development job to begin with, you probably won’t be successful. Software development is a complex and difficult job; if you don’t have passion for code creation, that makes the job even harder. Passion gives you the motivation you need to succeed in any position, and employers want to see workers who care about the work they do. It’ll also drive you to make quality code, rather than shoddy work — which is ultimately what employers need to see.
  4. Attention to detail
    Coding requires an immense amount of attention to detail. One tiny error can render software completely unusable. Being borderline obsessive about the little details will help you become a better developer. If coding is sloppy, misspelled, or untested, you probably won’t be able to stay in a developing position for very long.
  5. Desire to keep learning
    The best software developers realize that their learning is never done. Technology is an ever-evolving field, so it’s imperative for developers to make their learning process into a lifelong one. Employers want to see that you take the initiative to learn about new developments on your own. The technological landscape never stops growing, so you shouldn’t either.

Of course, having development skills is imperative for those who want to be involved in software creation, but the qualities that make you desirable to a potential employer go beyond your technical skill set. Having the drive to better yourself through your work will go a long way. If you need help highlighting your skills and finding employment in the technological sector, consider contacting a recruiting company to help you find the perfect fit.

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