Find the Right Human Resources Consultant with These 5 Tips

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Employee turnover is very expensive. Approximately 57% of all United States businesses say that this is a big problem for them. Within 45 days of taking a new job, at least 22% of new hires leave that job. Making poor decisions in hiring can cost you at least 30% of the new hires earnings potential for the first year they work for your business, according to the United States Department of Labor. The reasons that are given the most often for this are poor temperament and performance. Hiring the right people in the first place is very important. This is one reason that so many companies turn to human resources consultants and use talent acquisition management service to help with the hiring process.

5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Human Resources Consultant for Your Business.

  1. Talk to human resources consultants with the appropriate certifications. If the positions that you need to fill are senior level management jobs, you need someone to help you find new talent who has the right certifications. One such certification that is a “must have” is the Senior Professional in Human Resource Management (SPHR) certificate. These people have training and experience in finding the most senior level staff. When someone has this certification, they have to maintain it. That means they have to stay current on the trends for the industries in which they work. They know what to look for in applicants or prospects for these senior level positions. You should ask them about their certification but you should verify anything that they tell you.
  2. Get a human resources consultant with a lot of experience. You should look for someone who has had a lot of their own work experience. When you look over their resume, you should be able to see a long work history that includes jobs that offer more and more responsibility. This linear growth shows that they are growing in what they can do and what knowledge they bring to the table. You want a human resources person who has been in the position to make high level decisions and then live with the consequences. The person you bring on will not be perfect and it is ok for them to have made mistakes. We learn a lot from the mistakes we make. You just need this person to have the experience of hiring people at the level you need to hire.
  3. Check out what the human resources consultant has published. The more established human resources consultants will have had a number of articles and other items published in print and online publications. You should look both at the articles that they have written but also at articles where they have been cited or mentioned. When you are an expert in something, people who write about that topic want to get your opinion on things. If you hire a widely cited human resources consultant, you know their opinion is well respected and that they know what they are doing.
  4. Find a human resources consultant with experience in your industry. The world of human resources is a large one. You need to find a human resources consultant with the specific experience and expertise that you need for the positions you need to fill and the projects you need help on. You may need help developing certain policies or procedures and will need a human resources consultant with specific knowledge of your industry. Before you start to talk to different consultants, it is worth your time to really decide what services you will need.
  5. Get references. Before you start the process of hiring a human resources consultant, you should talk to the people in your industry about who they used for their human resources needs. You may know someone who used a human resources consultant. Ask about how they found them, what they paid them and what the experience was like. When you talk to the consultant, see if there are current or former clients you can talk to about their experiences.

Hiring the right people can make a big difference in your bottom line. Hiring the right human resources consultant can make the process much easier.

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