Ordering the Right Types of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cable is becoming extremely popular throughout the world. The first ever fiber optic cable was used to connect the United States to Britain and France during 1988. These types of cables are known for their incredibly fast speeds. That being said, there is a wide range of fiber optic cables on the market. In this post, you’ll learn four important considerations to make before ordering fiber optic cable.

Choosing the Right Fiber Optic Cable Jackets

It’s extremely important to think of what will be covering your fiber optic cables. Choosing the wrong jacket could lead to disastrous results. Therefore, it’s important to find that type of fiber optic cable jacket you’ll need.

If you’re going to planting cables where moisture is a threat, consider purchasing jackets made for outdoor conditions. In other situations, bulk fiber optic cables might be installed indoors. Considering that, it’s important to have strong fiber optic cable that holds up to steady foot traffic. In turn, you’ll want to find armored fiber optic cables. Bulk zipcord fiber optic cables work well for separating cables while keeping each one in a jacket.

Selecting Between Simplex or Duplex

While simplex and duplex might sound complicated, this is actually rather easy to figure out. Simplex cables receive their name for having a single connector. Duplex cables have two connectors. The main factor behind this choice is whether your cables will be used for single or multidirectional communication. If you’re communicating one way, you can utilize simplex cables. Those needing two way communication will want duplex cables.

Picking Single Mode or Multi Mode Cables

Another important choice involves whether you’ll need single mode or multi mode cables. Single mode fiber optic cables only utilize one light mode. Considering that, these cables are often used over longer distances where fast speeds are needed.

Multi mode fiber optic cables utilize more than one mode of light. Therefore, this type of cable is best for transmitting multiple types of data. However, multi mode cables have slower data speed transfer times when compared to single mode counterparts.

Determining How Much Cable You’ll Need

It might seem simple to determine the cable lengths you’ll require. That being said, take a moment to determine data transfer speeds. Bulk fiber optic cables are great ways for companies to remain connected. That being said, cables stretched over long distances can reduce transfer speeds. However, there are bulk fiber optic cables that can cover longer distances than others.

In conclusion, there are many important concerns to think about before ordering fiber optic cables. Statistics from March 2017 found that 3.74 billion people were using the internet. Many consumers and business find that fiber optic cables work well for extremely fast transfer speeds. That being said, there are many considerations to make while ordering these items. However, it’s worth taking the time to ensure that you’re purchasing the right products. In turn, your business will soon enjoy the incredibly fast transfer speeds from using fiber optic cables.

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