Is Your Hotel Property Offering More Than Just a Comfortable Bed for the Night?

Sometimes in the day to day tasks associated with hotel room stays and the use of hotel property management software, it might be easy to lose the fact that every customer who comes to a property has a story. A story about whey they are there. A story about how long their visit will be. A story about where they will go when they leave the comfortable beds with the fresh white linens. The latests trends in hotel industry technology, however, attempt to service many purposes, including concerns and compliments from guests.

While the business side of the best hotel property management software platforms track the days of the stay, the check in and out times that are available, and other necessary details, however, the very best trends in hospitality technology should also serve the purpose of allowing staff members to efficiently enter the necessary data and then make a personal contact with every guest.

Great Hotel Stays Involve Great Service

I traveled to your hotel from Omaha, Nebraska, on May 23. I was in town for a funeral and met my daughter and her gymnastics teammates who drove in from Shreveport, Louisiana. Although they had just made the six hour trip that morning, the girls had literally travelled from around the world during the last 48 hours in efforts to come to Blytheville for the funeral of their former teammate. Wanting to make sure they would have lunch to eat when they arrived, I asked your hotel front desk staff on the morning of the 24th if they could help, and I want you to know the two staff members on duty that morning went above and beyond their duties to make sure we had a meal ready to serve.
They helped call Perkins and order food to be delivered. They directed me as to where in town to find fresh fruit and a couple other items that I wanted to serve.
When my daughter and teammates walked in and saw the lovely buffet your two workers had set up, my daughter immediately turned to me and asked, “Mom, did you do all of this?” As I tried to say no and give your staff members the credit they deserved, one of the managers replied to my daughter, “Yes, your mother did this for you.” As the difficult work of finishing the meal and going to the funeral happened, my daughter became completely distraught about the fact that the rest of the delicious Caesar salad would go to waste. It is much easier, of course, to be devastated about leftover salad than face the sadness of going to a 25 year old friend’s funeral.
Not missing a beat, your workers promised me that they would save the salad and the dressing for us. This was, of course, after they had assured us that they would take care of getting everything else put away so that we would not be late for the service.
Later that night after the long afternoon of the funeral and gravesite services, my daughter and her teammates were back in the lobby of your hotel eating pizza that we had delivered. My daughter, however, ate very little pizza, instead eating more of the salad that your staff had saved for her.

It was a very rough stay for me as I watched my 20 year old daughter and teammates deal with a grief that seemed far too big. The small, and large, acts of kindness your two workers provided us, however, made the visit to Blytheville far more manageable.

The meal they organized may have looked like a simple buffet that served 13 people, but it was really a meal that helped this group get nourishment and strength for one of the most difficult days of their lives so far.

Hotel Property Management Software Allows for Personal Notes As Well as Basic Facts
Even if a room is spotlessly clean and is ready for a guest the moment they check in, even the top hotel chains will not encourage customers to return if the staff does not look beyond the hotel property management software prompts and make personal connections with their guests.

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