Increase Your Business and Maintain Guest Loyalty With the Best Hotel Management Software

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Does your hotel provide a positive customer experience? If so, then you probably have a modern hotel management system software and are following hotel technology 2017 trends. There are a variety of hotel management systems available that can assist you with providing a positive guest experience. From the time your guests search their mobile devices for available rooms to the time they leave your hotel after their vacation, you want to ensure that they had an excellent experience.

Prior to booking their hotel reservation, were you aware that travelers will conduct about 17 research sessions? And they’ll usually use their mobile devices, too. About 53% of travelers begin searching for the best hotel accommodations on their smart phones or other mobile devices.

Searching for travel information via mobile has actually increased more than 50% in recent years. While these devices may be used to begin the process, 46% of travelers will then shift to another device, such as a laptop, to complete their booking. Given this, you want to be sure that your hotel’s website is easy to maneuver and that it is also easy to use on mobile devices.

According to Corporate Executive Board, when customers feel forced to expend “high” effort in order to resolve a problem, 96% of these individuals will likely be disloyal to that company. What does this mean? To begin with, they are more likely to stop doing business with that company. Furthermore, chances are that they will write extremely poor reviews and inform their colleagues, family, and friends accordingly.

Harris Interactive/RightNow, for example, found that in 2011, 86% of consumers stopped doing business with a particular company because they had a negative customer experience. If these companies had cared about providing a positive experience for their customers, chances are that this wouldn’t have occurred.

If you have been experiencing a large number of no-shows, you may be interested to learn that the average no-show rate is about 10%. Is it possible that you don’t have the best hotel management software available?

Since about 74% of travelers will return to a hotel where they stayed previously, you want this level of repeat business. When you create a loyal customer case with just 5% more travelers, then you can potentially increase your hotel’s profits between 25% to 100% for every new customer. This is because they will not only return to your establishment, they will also write positive reviews and share their experience with friends, family, and colleagues.

When you become more aware of hospitality trends in hotel technology 2017, chances are that you will be able to provide a more positive customer experience. Hotel technology 2017 trends provide the latest in hotel property management systems.

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