Did You Know 35% Of Burglars Enter Through The Front Door?

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Burglary and vandalism are some of the most prevalent issues for businesses, homeowners and renters in the United States. It causes everyday people more stress than they need as they attempt to navigate work, family and the omnipresent concern of losing valuable belongings. With the aid of a surveillance system installation and additional security measures you can insure your home or business is safe from prying eyes. These are designed to not just pinpoint burglars, but discourage harmful activity and keep you and your loved ones safe. Let’s take a look at how home security systems work and how they prevent crime every day in the United States.

Crime Probability

The United States sees more than two million home intrusions reported on a yearly basis. This high rate of minor to severe burglary has caused many to seek out the aid of a surveillance system installation. The year 2013 saw an estimated $16 billion in losses from all reported property crimes, which is nothing to say of businesses or establishments that saw break-ins. Overall, there are at least 18 million home security systems installed across the country in schools, houses, apartments, businesses, establishments and churches. There are common habits that have been tallied over time to assess burglar habits and how they can be potentially predicted.

Common Habits

While not all burglaries are predictable, there are patterns that have been analyzed by security system professionals that can reduce your home or business’ chances of being broken into. The majority of burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., contrary to popular belief, and nearly 30% of burglars will enter a home through either an unlocked door or unlocked window. Lastly, a noticeable 35% of burglars will enter through the front door — a common thread of logic undercutting this is to seem less suspicious to the average passerby. Security systems do their best work when they prevent a burglary, rather than simply waiting until they happen.

Preventative Measures

Simply catching a burglar isn’t enough. This act can still cost thousands of dollars in repairs and potential court hearings, making preventative measures both cheaper and safer in the long run. Interviews with burglars saw nine out of 10 saying they would avoid homes with alarm systems outright and, if they did find an alarm mid-act, they would turn around and leave. Likewise, homes that don’t have a surveillance system installation in place are up to 300% more likely to be broken into than those that at least have one camera or alarm. An ADT security system, all in all, will be one of the most useful investments you can make for your business, home or apartment.

The Benefits Of A Surveillance System Installation

Wherever you live or conduct business, your livelihood is at risk without the aid of a surveillance system installation. Places that don’t have an alarm or camera in place have a higher probability of being broken into, with countless studies showing that many burglaries can be outright prevented with the aid of a good security system. Even your insurance providers can offer benefits — some will give discounts of up to 20% when a home security system is installed, giving you peace-of-mind up and down the ladder. Over 12 million home automation systems have been installed by the end of 2016 and figures show there are only more to come. Consider seeking out a home security professional and see how you can save yourself time, stress and money today.

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