Ad Agencies Finding a New Path Through Social Media

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Because of modern technology, it is faster and easier than ever before for consumers to connect with websites of interest to them. Literally, at the click of a key, or button, people are able to begin a search for any product or any service. There is very little that is not right at the fingertips of the average person these days.

Every company interested in spreading their wings to fly, so to speak, has the ability and the opportunity to do so when they hire ad agencies that are proficient at digital marketing. In 2014 25% of companies’ typical marketing expenses were used for digital advertising. That percentage was expected to rise to 75% within five years of that time. It is reported that digital marketing budget’s second largest share is now the area of management and content creation. This is one of the benefits of hiring an advertising agency. The main goal of advertising agencies is to spread the word and send their client’s information throughout social media, which has become the biggest platform for advertising.

An important fact for a company to keep first and foremost upfront when advertising is to keep their product or service real. Consumers report that they will consult up to 11 reviews while considering their purchase. It is imperative that the reviews be favorable and reflect the integrity of the product, the service, and the company. This is what perspective customers rely heavily upon when perusing the internet for the information they need. In addition, news travels fast. If the reviews of a product or service reflect negatively on the company, customers will spend no more time researching their merchandise. They will have no problem with an immediate shifting of gears and someone else will be the lucky recipient of their business.

Ad agencies are educated and trained on what sells a product or service. A creative agency will work tirelessly researching what their client is selling, including the market statistics, and will be able to put together a marketing strategy designed to have the biggest impact on the public. With so much activity taking place now online, whether on computers, tablets, smartphones, or any other of the many sources where social media operates, ad agencies have predominantly turned their focus to this type of marketing. It is a fact that 180 billion dollars was spent on advertising in the U.S. in 2015.

Fifty years ago advertising was limited to newspapers, magazines, radio, and television commercials. That was the fastest, most up to date way to deliver information to the public at that time. These days information travels so much farther in so much less time because of the use of new technology and social media. Time marches on, and with it comes new paths that lead to higher goals. People need to hold on tight as the world spins faster, or be left behind!

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