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What’s a Virtual Concierge and How Does it Work?

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The concierge service has always been an important part of any experience with a fine hotel. Modern hotels have been realizing the incredible benefits of property management systems that automate concierge service, as does other software with other aspects of customer service, employee retention, and hospitality. The outsourced concierge service is a relative newcomer to the hospitality software industry, but the idea isn’t new. Hotels have long been outsourcing different aspects of management, and concierge service.

How Does

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Managed IT Services Are an Important Budget Items for Many Companies

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Network monitoring allows an outside source to help clients oversee a system and watch for signs that a problem may be developing. In a time when so much of a company’s data is online, it is important that a secure and reliable network monitoring system is in place.
One of the challenges is that you basically have to have a one to one NAT or a local collector to collect information and route it to the network monitoring system. One to one NAT is a problem because you use a lot of external IP addresses. And that is problematic because most places still require IPv4 space and that is limited. If everyone was IPv6 enabled the NAT en

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5 Ways the Right Software Can Help You Grow Your Hotel

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It is no secret that people in the United States use their smartphones for just about everything. More and more people are using this technology to book travel. At least 53% of travelers say they used their phone to find the information they needed for trips. Increasingly, it is not the technology in hotel rooms that makes a difference but the hotel property management software that is in place to help people do a host of things. Here are some reasons the right software package can help you improve your bottom line:

  1. You will provide better customer se
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