Where Do You Purchase the Computer, Video, and Phone Cables That You Need?

Usb 2.0 extension cable

It makes you smile every time you see the pictures of your dad?s shop. The jumbled mess of tools, gadgets, and parts look completely chaotic whenever you enter. Within the first few minutes, however, you are able to get your bearings and you are modestly surprised that you are actually able to find what you are supposed to be looking for.
Granted, you have been given a visual road map. It is a little confusing to remember, but if your thoughts become as jumbled as the contents that fill the boxes, bins, and shelves, you can always return to your dad and ask one more question. ?Did you say it was on the top shelf on the cabinet to right of the wood burning stove??
Your father?s response would provide a little more detail, a little more direction. Perhaps something like, ?If I remember correctly, what you are looking for is in a narrow, bright yellow bin. I think it is labeled cables if you look closely enough.?
And sure enough, on the return trip to the shop that does not look quite so cluttered this time around, you find it. An entire bin of Cat5 cables. You grab three different ones, each in a different length. No use making another unnecessary trip. With the three you have your dad will surely find the length he wants and today?s project will be complete. Just like the masterful way your dad used to fix the bicycle chain on your first bike, your dad has somehow managed to fix the problem you have been having with the small television you want to use to watch movies while you sew on your latest project.
You knew that if you brought the project to your dad he would solve the problem. And like most problems that are worth his time to solve, the parts and pieces that you need will be found in one of his shops. Because, your dad only keeps things that will be needed again. Cat5 cables that will last for years, zip ties in all kinds of sizes that will hold all of those Cat5 cables together, either while they are in use or while they are patiently waiting to be used. Stuffed in a narrow, bright yellow bin, waiting their turn.
Some cables are simply more useful than others and the fact most RJ45 plugs are good for around 1000 to 2000 insertions before becoming unreliable means that the cables have an extra long shelf life. Likewise, Cat5 cables constructed of top grade materials can be expected to last anywhere from five to ten years. zipcord fiber optic cables, USB cables, lightening ables, and various kinds of crossover cables are more affordable when they are purchased in bulk. And knowing that the quality cables can last for years makes bulk purchases an even better choice.

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