What You Need to Know About Residential Plumbing – Best Self-Service Movers

All of us in the home depend on plumbing from brushing your teeth to flushing your toilet. Although a residential plumbing system may seem complicated but it’s made of four components such as waste drains and vents, potable water and rainwater. Learn more about each of these systems and how it affects the residential plumbing system.

Waste drains are connected to fixtures within the home like showers, sinks. These pipes carry waste from fixtures, like flush toilets, to the sewer under the street.

In the event that fixtures are flushed they act as a waste outlet to regulate pressure. Vents are found on the roof , which remove pressure from the drains of municipal sewerage.

Potable water comes from the street, and it is then pumped through pipes until it reaches the heated water tank. It heats the water to the use in your entire house.

Rainwater may be collected through the gutters on the roof into a barrel for plants as well as flowers in order to preserve water.

While each system sounds simple, they are very complicated. For any issues in your home plumbing system, call a residential plumber immediately.


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