What Can Restorative Dentistry Do? – Discovery Videos

You know that your smile is important and you ought to see a dentist. What do you do to select the most appropriate one? You can ask your dentist to refer you to a cosmetic or restorative dentist depending on the work you want to be done. This is how you find out what restorative dentistry is like.

Restorative dentistry will focus on making repairs to something that’s got a problem, as opposed to fixing what is already good. This could be for a broken tooth that might require a crown. Your regular dentist may still be able to carry out smaller treatments including filling to fix a tooth cavity.

Cosmetic dentistry typically involves cosmetic procedures that enhance the look of your teeth. This could involve non-invasive dental whitening or even the addition of veneers. The restorative procedure may have to be also cosmetic. If you have dental decay or teeth that are not healthy or rotting teeth, veneers may be required to help keep your teeth jaw, and gums healthy for the remainder of your lifetime.

Consult your dentist on the kinds of procedures are required in order to ensure your dental health. These information may be valuable when you discuss with your insurance provider. You should continue to do your research to identify the ideal dentist for you.


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