Top Tips for Affordable Small Bathroom Makeovers – Diy Index

The most common changes are new surfaces and fixtures. Some of the most frequently requested changes in surfaces people prefer to do is the backsplash of the shower/tub area. Perhaps the best way to figure out what type of material should be used is to go to a retailer for home improvements and look at the product to yourself. It is also an excellent moment to bring a splash of color to the material, so consider the overall aesthetic you want. These new materials could be used to enhance or compliment your existing style.

Some of the most popular shower backsplash materials are glass, wood, tile, granite, and pebbles. Every material has their own pros and cons, and they can all be customized to fit the requirements of your particular project. Keep in mind that wood will be treated to be mostly waterproof for a certain duration, however, it’ll need maintenance and care more that any other bathroom material.

Fixtures are another thing you should consider. You’ll need to think creatively on your room, whether for decorative or functional purposes. Slats of wood shelving is popular as it offers a sleek, sleek appearance. Also, you could enhance your design with functional appliances including an overhead lighting source to provide the design with an additional area of focus but also important ambient lighting.

Also, you should consider the effect of lighting on the design and material of the bathroom. For example, does it make sense in your design to pair warmer, predominantly yellow lighting a white background with green vegetation? Only you can decide!

Bring back what you love

The projects that are most affordable are projects that recycle or repair old items to make newer ones. Small bathroom transformations can be made more affordable by focusing on reuse of old materials. In particular, stainless steel is an established material to use in bathroom designs and maintenance.


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