Tips For Traveling With Pets in a Car – Pet Magazine

This is vital if feel the long drive will cause stress for your cat or dog. There are pets who suffer with anxiety, separation or other issues that can get worse during lengthy car trips. Talk to your veterinarian about the possibility of giving your pet medication prior or even during your car journey. It includes medications like Gabapentin or other anti-anxiety medication. Follow the guidelines of your veterinarian in the administration of this medication.

7. Pack Extra Blankets

It is possible to keep your pet at ease during long car trips by providing blankets or clothes that have your scent upon it. Bring extra blankets to act as covers for your Kennel and also bring some extra clothing that will help relax your pet. Cats in particular enjoy clothes with your scent as well as get irritable when you are driving for long periods of time!

8. Bring Extra Wipes

When you are on the road there is a chance that you will not be able to have access to bath tubs or showers to keep your pet clean. Pets need to keep clean during your trip. Pet wipes that are flushable can assist to reduce skin irritation and make sure your vehicle stays fresh if your pet has become dirty. Make sure you have extra pet wipes along with any medicines or creams for your skin that your pet requires.

9. Fix your Sound System

You may find it helpful to play soothing music on during long drives. Check out a local audio shop for help in putting your pet at peace. Playing relaxing music is one of the top tips for traveling with pets in a car. It can bring them to bed to relax and assists you in surviving during your long journey. If you have a working sound system make sure you don’t play the music too loud as this could disturb your pet, and even cause damage to their eardrums.

10. Repair your Windshield

Damaged or cracked glass can be replaced by a car body shop. This could have an important difference in the quality of your vehicle. A damaged or cracked windshield can cause significant damage to your car. 1miknzrr71.

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