Tips for Marketing your Small business

Duct tape marketing

Branding has existed for centuries in one form or another, for example, as early as 1266, English law compelled bakers to place a specific symbol on each product they sold. The question of how do you market a business has no real simple answer. While there is no one formula for a successful branding of your business, there are several small business marketing tips that will help you to get your branding rolling.

According to the NYT, 65 percent of new business comes from referrals. When deciding how to market a new product or brand, generating word of mouth discussions about your business is a great tip for small business marketing strategies. Research indicates that people are four times more likely to try a new product, service or business if it has been referred to them by a friend. The best way to generate interest in a product and get more sales is to get people talking about it.

While there is no real clear cut marketing plan template, or list for “how do you market a business” there are a few things you can do that will help you to understand how to advertise your business. Especially if you are a small business, using a technique called buddy marketing. For example, if you send out brochures, you could include a leaflet of another business, which had agreed to do the same for you. This gives you the chance to reach a whole new group of potential customers.

When asking yourself how do you market a business, consider what would intrigue you if you were a consumer, and begin there.

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