These 5 Things Make Your Website Credible

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If you are wondering why your website is not getting the kind of traffic you hoped it would get, you might need to look at whether or not you have the right pieces in place. You can go to a digital marketing agency and tell them your troubles, but they will most likely tell you that unless you have these five things in place, your website will likely never be credible.

1.) Author

Anytime you have a written piece or a photograph posted to your website, people want to know who wrote it or who took the picture. Many times, businesses will have guest bloggers or repost something from another source. When you properly credit the work that is displayed on your website, you boost your reliability and credibility.

2.) Date

Just like the importance of crediting the authors of your posts and pictures, having the date on them is also important. Visitors to your site want to know if the information they are looking at is relevant to their needs. Having a date on a post helps them do that.

3.) Sources

Any digital marketing agency will tell you that when it comes to your posts and photos, they need to be treated in the same way you would treat a book or scholarly article in that they need to be sourced. People will be coming to your website to take advantage of your expertise. That doesn’t always mean that the information you display is unique and exclusive to you.

Sometimes, you might want to share something or write about something that contains information that you have gotten from someone or someplace else. There is nothing wrong with doing that, but when you do, you must source your findings.

4.) Site Design

The design of your website means a great deal. Maybe even a great deal more than you might think it does. People need .05 seconds to form a basic opinion about your website. If they get to your site for the first time and are not taken in by the design, all the articles in the world won’t help you keep them interested.

A design agency worth its salt will tell you that the design elements are what pull people in to discover more, but they aren’t the only ones you should listen to. When it comes to a website’s design, 48% of people said that it was the design of a site that determined for them whether or not a company was credible. When it comes to rejecting a site, 94% of people who did say it was because of the design.

Professional web design helps businesses look professional to prospective clients. Don’t let your website development fall short. It could cost you a great deal more than the money you should have spent to do it right.

5.) Writing Style and Quality Content

According to the best digital marketing agency representatives out there, nothing speaks volumes for your site’s credibility like quality content creation and writing style. If you have ever looked at a website and seen grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, you likely left the site thinking that whoever was in charge of content creation didn’t do a very good job.

Make the best effort to have all of your content not only relevant to what your business is about but also to show you care about details and style. This will go a long way toward establishing credibility for you and trust from all your readers.

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