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n as Decalcomania, decal symbolizes the printing of design onto specially prepared papers forming an image that can be transferred onto any surface. Decals are used to embellish or mark objects that a printer cannot mark.
Before you request printing services for decals, take into consideration these factors: color Resolution, color and the type of material. Certain adhesives work better to different types of surfaces. There are a variety of decal printing options available.

To begin, you can choose between the Standard as well as the High-end version of digital printing. These are suitable for projects which include up to 5,000 decals which can be cut into unique forms. It could take up to a month to complete, but their quality is priced.

If you’re in need of decal prints of over 10,000 pieces, consider printing flexographically. With it, detailed patterns are created on virtually any material or surface as well as extensive format printing solutions are utilized for the billboard and vinyl car wraps. They are perfect to small-scale projects or those needing a quick turnaround.
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