The Importance of Early Childhood Education – Family Magazine

He was the person who invented the LUME Approach, which can potentially play a major role in eradicating the socioeconomic and racial disparities that exist right present. This strategy is based upon a great deal of neuroscientific, observational and theoretic research. It demonstrates how important the healthy psychological development of children is to enable them succeed academically and achieve positive outcomes all the way through adulthood.

Young children are extremely impressionable minds. Therefore, it is very important for the adults that they interact with, which includes teachers to offer them healthy and nurturing environments. Many times, older kids who do not do better in school or have behavioral problems do not have these problems due to any fault of their own but because the system didn’t provide them with those environments they’d have needed for optimal growth while they were children and more susceptible to being influenced. osmgfq63h8.

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