Streamline Your Business Operations by Moving to the Cloud

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Does your business have an effective data storage system? Do you store your data in several places or a single location? A recent survey indicated that 59% of businesses store their’s in just 1 location. When you consider that 140,000 hard drives crash every week in the United States, having reliable storage is vital. If you’ve lost data due to crashing hard drives, then you know how this can interrupt business.

Since your company’s data is obviously important, have you considered moving it to the cloud? There are a variety of benefits to doing this, particularly for back-up storage purposes. When surveyed, 25% of the participants stated that if they could only move a single application to the cloud, they would choose storage.

Would you like to save money? Many businesses would agree that this could be beneficial. The survey showed that 82% of its participating businesses saved money when they adopted the cloud. Furthermore, 14% of companies were able to downsize their IT after doing so, and 80% noticed other improvements within 6 months.

There are a variety of benefits to having managed IT services. In addition to assisting you with moving to the cloud, an IT support service can monitor your system for viruses such as Ransomeware. You may be aware that there are a staggering number of cybersecurity events that occur on a regular basis, and many of these attacks are undetected. On an annual basis, it’s been estimated there are over 80 to 90 million cyber attacks that occur. Every minute, there are about 400 new threats, and approximately 70% of these aren’t noted.

In order to illustrate the growing popularity of cloud-based services and equipment, financial data is often a strong indicator. In 2015, for example, it was predicted that end-user spending on cloud services would exceed $180 billion. By 2018, predictions indicate that spending on cloud equipment will be $79.1 billion.

When your business outsources its IT support services, you will be able to save time, energy, and money. Since a managed IT service will store and back up your data, update your software, and provide cyber security, it can make a significant difference in your overall business operations.

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