Pricing a Custom Closet – Home Improvement Videos

when determining the cost of a custom closet , such as size, materials, and much more.

Prices will vary based on the dimensions of your project. Obviously, a larger space will require more construction materials in comparison to smaller spaces. The primary factor that determines the expense of any project is the material you choose to use. You can mitigate the cost of the project by choosing less expensive materials, however you’re at risk of taking a loss on the overall quality of your concept.

Another important factor of the project is to take into consideration all accessories or other add-ons are included in the design. Some projects will just require a few items, others will want every accessory are available. Fold-out ironing boards, lighting and rotating cabinets for jewelry, pull-out drawers and so much other things can all drive up the price of your project quite quickly.

Because every closet design work will have a unique price It is recommended to obtain a quotation from a firm you trust in order to see what costs you’ll be working within!


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