Navigating Search Engines to Get the Results You Want

Search engine

Since the late 1990s, search engines have been the first place people turn when seeking information. It may be as simple as a definition for a certain word, it may be to find the closest pizzeria, or it may be to locate reasonable lodging during a ski trip. Regardless of the purpose of your search, there is a search engine tip that will help make your search more efficient.

There are no shortage of search engines at our fingertips; of course, there are the big boy search engines that are most widely used, and there are lesser known ones that are, perhaps, better suited to specific purposes or searches. For example, the more popular search engines are useful for general searches, but the disadvantage is that they will also feed you quite of bit of internet clutter. Among the clutter are often dead end blurbs, abandoned websites, and biased personal blogs that are, basically, useless to anyone seeking reliable information.

To get better search results, there are several valuable search engine tips. One search engine tip is to not use too many words in your search. Too many words can lead to cluttered results, many of which are not related, at all, to the information you seek. Thus, a search engine tip would be to narrow down your search to the most crucial keywords. By doing so, the search engine will search for those words online, and will leave out any extraneous words that could lead to cluttered, random looking search results. Another search engine tip, which is sort of related to the first tip, is to leave out articles and prepositions. These parts of speech are used to help provide cohesiveness, fluidity, and clarity to written sentences. Search engines do not care about cohesive, flowing sentences, but care only about the key words that will allow it to do its job. Therefore, wordy search engine requests will only serve to confuse the search engine and inhibit your search. So the best search engine tip of all is to simplify your search, and keep your wording as direct and as simple as possible.

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