Looking At The Benefits Of Switching To A Digital Platform For Document Storage Here In The United States

Paper filing systems have long been in use here in the United States, but this does not mean that paper filing systems are ideal. More and more people are realizing that paper filing systems are less than stellar, and are switching over to digital alternatives through the use of a service for microfilm scanning or other services for document scanning here in the United States. Converting documents can sometimes be a long and lengthy process, one that many people and businesses feel that they do not have the time for, but the use of a service for microfilm scanning can make this process all the easier.

And, when we look at the facts surrounding paper filing systems, it’s clear to see why hiring a service for microfilm is more than worth it at the end of the day. For instance, paper filing systems are incredibly time consuming, wasting the time of just about everyone in any given office space. After all, it can take a full five minutes to walk up to the filing cabinet in the office, hunt down the file in question, and make it back to one’s desk. However, a digital storage system allows you access to such as document in a matter of seconds, if even that.

In addition to this, the use of a paper filing system simply sets up any given workplace for failure, as documents, when stored in paper form, are all too often lost and misplaced. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 7% of all documents end up being lost permanently, with an additional 3% or so misfiled for some portion of time. But even a temporary misfiling can considerably contribute to the loss of money, time, and overall productivity in any given office. In fact, while the original document will cost only around $20 to file and store (which is still quite a significant amount, all things considered) a document that has been completely lost or even just misfiled can cost as much as $120 to eventually find or even replace completely. Lost documents, as a matter of fact, can even cost as much in labor as $220, at the very least.

Paper filing systems also often require a fax machine in order to properly send documents back and forth as is needed. However, fax machines too are quite time consuming, with the faxing of just one document costing as many as eight minutes of what would be otherwise productive time. In addition to this, it can cost considerably more than $6,000 over the course of just one single year to keep a fax machine up and running and in use as it should be – and that’s just the cost for one single fax machine. In some offices of a considerable size, there will need to be more than one.

And when talking about the detriments of paper filing systems, we must also, of course, discuss the detrimental impact on the environment that using so much paper will eventually have. Here in the United States, paper usage grows by as much as 16% each and every year – and already more than four trillion sheets of paper are used over the course of a mere 12 months. If something isn’t done to curb our paper usage as a whole, the impact on the environment is going to begin to become more and more noticeable than ever before.

So the motivation for switching to a digital storage system and to go through with converting microfiche and the like is strong. Fortunately, a service for microfilm scanning can often provide onsite document scanning. These on site scanning services as provided by a service for microfilm scanning can make the process of converting easier than it has ever been before – and the cost of a service for microfilm scanning is likely to be negligible in comparison to potential savings. All in all, a service for microfilm scanning is more than worth it at the end of the day.

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