Keanu Reaves Has a Motorcycle Shop – Fast Car Video Clips

Keanu Reaves is an amazing actor. Do you know that he runs his own customized motorcycle store? The video below will reveal Keanu Reave’s love of motorsports.

Keanu Reaves constructed these motorcycles together with his partner in the motorsports region south in Los Angeles, which opened in 2007. They incorporate both old school and modern design into their designs. They make use of cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, as well as cutting-edge technology. They also design and manufacture the bikes themselves. It’s impossible to find a better combination of both of these things elsewhere. In fact, where would you ever find a bike that was designed by Keanu Reaves? It began in 2007, when Reaves wanted a custom Harley-Davidson. It was at that time that he got to know Gard Hollinger. A few years later it was the time to create their prototype. They are now designing new motorcycles. Virtual reality has become a crucial element in designing. It is used to visualize different design alternatives side-by-side in 3D space. As they’re not only trying to create rare bikes with their hands, but because they want the bike to look stunning.


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