Is Your Business Ready for Mobile? Get Ready with Professional Web Design Services

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According to Business Insider, the smartphone market will grow by 45% this year, resulting in 1.4 billion smartphone users by the end of the year. Subsequently, mobile internet usage is expected to grow by 66% this year, and continue on that way for the next five. As statistics from Marketing Charts show, over a third, 34%, of American smartphone users are using their favorite device to shop online, or to do research about a product they plan to buy locally. All in all, mobile users will play a huge role in generating the $1.2 trillion eMarketer expects eCommerce to generate this year.

For every business, being able to implement smart website marketing strategies is the key to accessing the growing pool of mobile web shoppers. For a growing majority, this means outsourcing their professional web design to professional web design services. If your company lacks the in-house resources, intellectual capital or financial, then professional web design services may be the help you need.

How Can Professional Web Design Services Help?

  1. Functionality
  2. According to Business Gross, one of the most important things a web design company can offer any business is increased website functionality. Functionality can mean building custom eCommerce solutions, improving navigability, and reducing website load times. Consider, as statistics from show, website functionality directly affects web traffic growth. Websites that load in one second, for example, show 4.6% traffic growth in a 3 month period. On the other hand, those that take more than four seconds to load lose 1.01% traffic in that same period.

  3. Marketing
  4. While content marketing is an extremely effective way to grow your website’s traffic, the fact is that professional web design services also optimize their designs to be searchable and marketable in a search engine-driven market. As TechKnow writes, optimizing every bit of information with exciting and well-keyworded information is key to generating more traffic in Google, and other big search engines. Title descriptions, alt-tags, and other meta-tags provide search giants with a lot more content to index and rank your page with.

  5. Aesthetics
  6. While 76% of web users say the most important thing about a website is functionality, according to KissMetrics, having a great looking website is also crucial to being taken seriously online. Consider, four out of five web users, 80%, say that a website that looks as though professional web design services designed it is key to gaining credibility. It’s a widely-held belief that a shoddy website is more likely to be a scam site, with the converse being true of well-crafted pages.

As can be seen, having a well designed page is crucial to a beautiful, functional marketing powerhouse that will change the way your company does business online. Professional web design services offer a sorely needed service for businesses lacking a knowledgeable team of in-house designers. If your business is suffering from poor design, why not give the professionals a try? More: Calgary website design companies

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