Installation of SIP Trunks Benefits of Its Installation

Hosted voip system

SIP is an acronym for session initiation protocol which is also referred to as voice over internet protocol. It is an immediate connection linking your organization to an internet telephony service provider, ITSP. Other linking the two parties, SIP trunks also carry multimedia conferences, instant messages, emergency calls and other SIP-based services. It utilizes VOIP from end-to-end by extending telephony across organization’s firewall.

Lately, installation of SIP trunks has been seen to offer the ultimate small and medium sized business phone solutions. Through the SIP-based connections, companies are now able to connect their office communications over and internet protocol and control all their communication sessions. With the drastic inventions and innovations in technology, no company would want to remain with traditional based phone systems which have proved its incompetence in handling diverse communication systems. As a result of this, the SIP trunking system continues to grow in its popularity and service delivery.

1.Cost effective
Installation of SIP trunks will by great extent cuts major costs associated with long distance service on communication.

2.Eliminate unnecessary gateway
Such gateway is the IP-PSTN, and because SIP trunks create an immediate connection to your ITSP by eliminating this gateway, no attendant cost will be incurred.

3.Reduce a superfluous network
SIP trunks have been known to offer world-class phone solutions to organizations through establishing a universal IP-based network. It totally eliminates crowding of data and telephone networks.

4.No BRI and PRI subscription fees
Installation of SIP trunks will also offer you great options on cheap services as compared to the costly BRIs and PRIs. Companies can now purchase different priced bandwidths at a better deal.

5.Limitless capabilities
With a SIP trunk connectivity, existing capabilities can be extended to include additional services like the emergency calling. Also, new business phone solutions such as mobile phones integration and presence office information can be accommodated by SIP trunks

With the goodies brought by the installation of SIP trunks out of the way, it is recommended that security measures practices be introduced, Such practices include, setting up of VLAN between the mediation server and the VPN server. Limiting the transfer of multicast packets to the VLAN and barring any routing commands.

Finally, any data from the company has to be encrypted using Generic Routing Encapsulation.

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