How to Setup Domain Names for Your Minecraft/Voice Server – Pleo HQ

Video game where participants build structures and extract materials to create their own products. They must communicate via servers to one another. In this video, we will explain how you can set up domain names for the Minecraft phone server.
To begin, you must purchase Select the “Domain Names” section at near the top. Enter the desired domain name into the search field, then click “Search.” The domain’s name will appear on the list beneath in the box for searching. The price as well as the availability will be displayed as well. Select the option “Add to Cart” and follow the steps.
Next, create an CloudFlare account. Add the domain name(s) to your CloudFlare account. Go to the Domains section in the CloudFlare control panel and choose Add Domain. Then, you will have to modify the DNS records associated with the domain name(s). Set the desired settings and allow a couple of days for the change to take effect.
You can now connect to your voice server through Anyone who visits your domain will automatically be redirected to your Minecraft server. z4rcerwtrd.

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