How to Get Your Asphalt Paving Company Started – Infomax Global

Ube’s video “How I got Started with The Asphalt Business” has some of the most insightful advice given by an experienced business owner and there are many things to master. Learn more!

The person who is the host of the video started his journey to this field in the 1970s, working with an older gentleman who owned an old tractor and required assistance. Asphalt firms used sealcoaters that were oil-based back then. The owner mixed the asphalt using gasoline oil. This is extremely dangerous but it was not illegal. Also, they had no knowledge about marketing. They went door-to-door and told the people that their driveways needed to be coated with sealants. They got some support however, others were hesitant.

In the video, when the host video ventured by himself and made his own decisions, he followed the exact thing he had learned from the elder man. He could afford three 55 gallon drums. Then, he started sealing. He had already found the best sealers for surfaces and could recommend the best sealers.

You can check the rest of the video for further details regarding beginning an asphalt paving business.


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