How broken is your iPhone?

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The iPhone may be the most loved device on the market today. For many users, the iPhone serves as their phone, personal organizer, dumb farm game player, primary social outlet, and chief crutch for avoiding interpersonal conversation.

If only the dang things weren’t so fragile.

iPhones break all the time; think about how many people you know struggle to read email through screens spiderwebbed with cracks. Those beautiful, yet delicately balanced iPhone parts are notoriously intolerant to dropping, or falling in the toilet(16 percent of iPhone accidents occur in the bathroom), or being left on top of a car before it drives away (six percent of users did this). It is estimated that 15.5 percent of iPhone 4 owners will have an accident within a year of buying their phone.

At least it is easy to open the thing up and get access to the iPhone parts, right? Nope. The phone is sealed, and you need special tools to get at the parts or the phone battery. The same is true for the iPad.

Fortunately, there are cell phone repair specialists that can perform iPad repair and iphone repair work, and can replace dead phone batteries, as well as the all too common cracked screen. It takes some special training, and the right know how, but the right store will have the ability as well as the correct iPhone parts to conduct these repairs.

So the next time you get your iPhone knocked out of your hand by a gesticulating coworker, or douse it in cola or tequila (surprisingly, only 12 percent of iPhone accidents with liquid involve beer), take heart. The appropriate repair tool just might not turn out to be the trash can. Lok around your area for a store that does iphone repair and uses iPhone parts. Chances are there’s one closer than you think.

Oh, and before you drive there, check and make sure you didn’t leave your iPhone on top of your car. Otherwise you may leave a trail of iPhone parts in your wake. Continue:

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