How Bloomberg Philanthropies Is Making Roads in the U.S. and Europe Safer With Beautiful Asphalt Art – Art In The News

rlands), Glasgow (Scotland) Scotland, and London (England).

In Amsterdam The massive work was created by SAMA (Street Art Museum Amsterdam) comprising paint-painted asphalt, benches and planters. Dubbed ‘Surround Sound This is the largest work of art created by the SAMA which covers 90,000 square feet. The transformation of Markt Plein 40-45 into an outdoor market was a joy for the locals.

The scheme, which was dubbed “Water Works” in Glasgow was completed in the month of November in 2021. It was also the time of that of the COP26 Summit that was held the following month. It features a huge ground mural and rain gardens that complement to the Anderston railway station’s entrance. The concept was developed by Scotland-based artist Gabriella Marcella. It was inspired by challenges of the environment, like excessive rainfall that Glasgow residents face. The objective of the project is to encourage cyclists and pedestrian circulation throughout the city.

The initiative, named “Bring London Together” in London was a collaborative effort of Yinka Ilori (London) and students of London’s London University of Arts. The design was created for 12 intersections and also as a pedestrian plaza right at the centre of London.

How Is the Beautiful Asphalt Art by Bloomberg Philanthropies Making Cities in both the United States and Europe Safe? With the help of Accelerating Cross-Sector Collaboration

Bloomberg Philanthropies makes asphalt art by collaborating with its community collaborators. Most often, the city gets engaged through its parks, transportation, streets and some community-based artists or organizations. The collaborations create the feeling of being part of projects in the communities. These collaborations also assist local decision-makers to establish relationships with different organizations. The cross-sector collaboration improves so that there are more opportunities to start projects to improve road user security.

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