How Bail Bonds Work in Criminal Cases – Madison County Library

This video provides a great introduction to bail bonds. If someone is detained after the commission of an offense, they first go to jail to be tried. As part of our system of justice, people are presumed innocent until proven innocent. The law doesn’t allow us to put someone in prison when they haven’t actually committed a crime, and it will only be clear that they’re not a criminal once their case has been resolved.

The bail system is designed to address this issue. The judge can decide on a bail amount after a brief hearing. This is the minimum required amount of money which is designed to motivate a criminal suspect to keep their court dates. It is possible to pay the bail amount through the bail agency if they’re not able to do this. They don’t need to pay the full bail amount, should they be present for every court date.

With this system in place, everyone is encouraged to go to trial for any crimes that they are accused of committing. fnk7zgncsd.

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