Fun and Unusual Mom and Child Activities to Try – Family Game Night

Mom and child activities Volunteering with your child can be done in the library, non-profit organization, shelter or animal shelter. What ever you do is important to make sure your child understand that the concept of community service is about helping other people.

You can do community service for elderly neighbors by picking up leaves and cleaning up the garbage. The possibilities to teach your children the value of helping others are endless.

10. Cook foreign Cuisines All Together

Everybody is a fan of the movie Ratatouille The story of a young animal learns to cook exquisite French dishes. Let your children explore other cuisines, and begin cooking with them!

You want to make Mexican tacos but you want to experiment with a different recipe? Consider asking your child to create Mole which is a traditional Mexican recipe. How about making delicious African-inspired spicy eggs for breakfast that are named Shakshuka?

There are many yummy dishes and cook with your child is entertaining and instructive!

11. Walk Some Dogs

If you have neighbors that have a disability, are out of town or require additional help in the home, teach your child what it means to own a pet through walking dogs around the neighborhood with them!

Animals are among the most loved and affectionate creatures, but they take a lot of work to be healthy and happy. Children will be more content if he or she walks alongside other dogs in the area.

Walking with dogs can teach them how they can properly take care of their animals and provide them with the chance to bond.

12. 12.Become a teacher

Finding tutors is easy for kids. It’s also very easy to become a tutor and assist others to succeed.

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