Five Facts About Online Security

Fort lauderdale computer support

A 42 percent increase in successful cyber attack on U.S. companies was recorded between 2011 and 2012. Similarly, a study of 583 U.S. companies showed 90 percent of the businesses consulted reported the company computers being hacked within the past 12 months. Keeping up to date with the latest antivirus and antimalware software can help prevent harmful attacks on company computers. However, if computers are still at risk, consulting miami tech support may be the best solution.

It support florida and IT support miami consultants specialize in planning, deploying, managing and administering IT systems for their clients. Regularly consulting miami computer support or fort lauderdale computer support could save local companies from malicious attacks. Services such as miami tech support or it consulting miami check computers for malicious activities and viruses and set up programs to prevent further harm. They can also assist with fixing any technical problems the computers may be having.

Another form of computer activity miami tech support deals with is spam. The most prominent sources of spam within the U.S. are Asia at 44 percent and Latin America at 21 percent. Miami tech support can also ensure mobile devices are as secure as possible, a necessary asset because 10 percent of internet traffic is used by global mobile devices.

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