Finding the Best Private School for You – Reference

It is important to make a variety of choices. Business Insider’s video gives an insight into one of the top private schools, Phillips Academy in Andover. Staff and students affectionately use the term “Andover”.

Andover is a boarding school that also has an “day school” environment for high school students that live near campus. A insider’s perspective of the private school provides viewers with a quick tour and includes data from students, and the school’s Dean and Andover Head of School.

Explore the way of life at the campus, what subjects the school focuses on as well as the various ways this school has been able to meet the demands of its students through this brief video.

The video below provides an outline of the things that this school offers students, including what they can expect from the “need blind” admissions process can mean. This video will assist you to understand more about Andover as well as the likelihood that it’s right for you. hl3cqojzb2.

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