Fast Teeth Whitening Services – Dentist Dentists

Pay attention to the lt!

The dentist will first apply vitamin E on your lips in order to shield the lips. The dentist will place an instrument in your mouth to keep your teeth accessible for the whole procedure.

The dentist will prepare the gums using a liquid dam. This shields them from the whitening gel. This dam is hardened with the blue light.

After all protective measures have been completed, whitener is then applied. A blue light coupled to the retractor can also be placed on the retractor. The initial application takes around 15 minutes. After that, the gel removed.

The dentist will apply a second layer to whiten your teeth and then provide you with another 15 minutes of blue light.

After a second round, the teeth are cleaned off and the protective substances removed. In the event of any sensitive gums dental professionals will supply the mouthguard, which includes maintenance whitening gel and its corresponding gel.


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