Drive in racks explained – Customer Support Portal

Drive-in racks enable pallets to slide onto rails to ensure there is more space and also provide storage. Forklifts come into the racking from the opposite side, allowing them to take pallets off or to load them. which are further stored through Drive-In Racking.
The pallet racks may only be reached from the opposite side of this layout. Forklift drivers load boxes of merchandise onto shelves located in the rear. Products that are older are moved aside so that there is room for the new items.
The drive-in pallet rack is a great storage solution for huge quantities of similar or restricted SKUs.
The system can be used for both the storage to be deep and compact. It comes with the Last In/First out storage system which only needs one-aisle access. A drive-in racking system is a good choice for storing lots of similar items in a little amount of room.
For the sake of saving cold storage and freezer space, organizations will store as many items as they can inside as tiny a space.
It is preferred over selective racking in a warehouse because it has many aisles, and space between them that allow accessibility for a forklift. This is due to the vast amount of pallets.

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